A standard appointment with one of our doctors should last between 10 to 15 minutes. It is important that our appointments run on time. During this appointment our doctors can safely deal with 1 or 2 issues.

Normally this will be something that has made you feel unwell in the last few days.

Typical issues in standard consultations would be:
*Coughs, colds and fevers  
*Acute Illness

While it can seem perfectly normal to save up all your issues for one visit, it is not the type of medicine that we like to practice. Your health and well being is the most important thing and cannot be comprised.

If you have a few issues you would like to speak to the Doctor on (these may be long-term issues etc) please advise reception of this when booking your appointment and we are happy to book an extended consultation for you.

Example of these consultations:
*Mental Health Issues
* Consultation to discuss multiple issues

Please be aware that a longer consultation may incur an extra cost.

Thank you for understanding and helping us to help you in an efficient way.