MenB vaccine was introduced for children born on or after 01/10/2016. All children aged <2 years (those most at risk) have now been offered the vaccine.   It is very important that infants have their vaccines as scheduled at 2 and 4 months to give them protection at the age of highest risk. The booster dose at 12 months is necessary to boost their immunity and give more long-term protection.  

Q: Are there plans for a national catch up campaign for MenB vaccine?  A: The National Immunisation Advisory Committee has not recommended a MenB catch up campaign for older children. There are no plans for a catch-up campaign.  

Q: Why is there no catch-up campaign for MenB vaccine?  A: All immunisation programmes aim to target those most at risk. For meningococcal Group B disease those most at risk are those aged < 12 months, followed by those aged 1 year.   After the age of 2 years the risk decreases. 

Q: What if parents want to get MenB for their child born before 01/10/2016?  A: If the child is in a risk group, including asplenia, immunodeficiency and complement deficiency, the vaccine is provided free through the HSE. However, the administration of the vaccine is not covered so a fee is chargeable. If the child is not in a risk group both the vaccine and administration will need to be provided privately.   

MenB is administered in two single doses.  Each dose costs €130 incl. administration fee. Further information is available at