Cahernane Medical Centre fees

Surgery Prices 
Basic Consultation€50
Basic Consultation with Bloods€70
Family Consultation€70
Repeat Consultation€35
House Call€70
GP Consultation & Bloods€70
GP Consultation (EGC & Bloods)€90
Consultation & ECG€80
Consultation & Suturing€85
Temporary Patient Consultation€60
SouthDoc Reviews€35
Full Health Check Male/Female€120
Consultation including Swab€60
Repeat Prescription€20
Cert (Private & GMS)€20
Letters/Signing Forms€10
Nurse Consultation Fees 
BP Check€20
ECG & Bloods€50
Diabetic Check & Bloods€75
Wound Dressings€30
Glucose Tolerance Check€40
Cryotherapy (first visit)€50
INR (once a month)€25
Lung Function Test€30
Ear Syringing€30
Nebuliser Treatment€30
Hearing Test (with consultation)€70
Eyesight Test for Driving License€50
24-hour Blood Pressure Monitor€60
Implanon Insertion/Removal€120
Implanon Insertion only€100
Implanon Removal only€100
Removal of Sutures (if done elsewhere)€20
Private Smear€135
Mirena Insertion€120
Mirena Removal€70
Mirena (in & out same day)€140