Hay fever is usually seen as a seasonal problem, however for some people it can start earlier and keep going until well into autumn. The majority of people that suffer do so due to the grass pollen. It can start with mild nasal irritation and progress from there. If the dream summer of warm weather and high temperatures arrives, it can unfortunately mean high surges of pollen to those that suffer, not the most pleasant time that’s for sure. Some of the symptoms include blocked and runny nose, regular sneezing, and red itchy, watery and puffy eyes.

If you suffer from hay fever yearly here are some tips to try alleviate the problem;

  • Avoid areas of grassland
  • Keep both your house and car windows closed during the late morning and late afternoon.
  • Wear wrap-around sunglasses, this will help reduce the amount of pollen grains affecting the eyes.
  • Avoid mowing the lawn…. now that’s a good excuse! Get
  • Dont sleep with the bedroom window open or drive with the car window down.
  • Keep an antihistamine with you for any sudden allergy attacks