Dementia is caused by a variety of brain illnesses that affect a person’s memory. It effects ones thinking, behaviour and ability to perform everyday tasks. Although it mainly effects the older generation, it’s certainly not a part of ageing. It can be completely overwhelming for the person who has it as well as their families and caregivers.

The signs and symptoms of dementia can be understood in three stages and can often be overlooked as they are normally gradual. The most common symptoms are losing track of time, forgetfulness and finding yourself lost in places that are normally very familiar. As its progresses you will notice that loss of names or recent events becomes all too common, repeating questions, difficulty communicating are not knowing all of one’s own home all become part of this progression also.

As it stands there is no treatment available to cure dementia or to alter its progressive course. However, much can be offered to support and improve the lives of people with dementia, their careers and families.

Care plan:
*Early detection, this will help set a plan in place for all involved on how best to manage it.
*Identifying and treating any physical illnesses that may accompany dementia.
*Ensuring information is provided to the family and carers.
*Ensuring health and well being is being optimised.