Come December, it’s pretty much a given to throw caution to the wind, max out the visa card and expand that waistline! Then come January 1st, the once online delivery boxes are now bills and the TV only seems to show never ending gym adverts and operation transformation! One word that springs to mind…. regret! So, as Christmas is now well and truly upon us, we have some festive tips to help you along the way!

1. With Christmas comes the added pressure of spending, a lot of the time on unnecessary gifts and food. Take a step back this year, see what you really genuinely need to get, make a list and budget and spend within your means; overspending is just going to cause stress you do not need.

2. With so much festive food on offer, try not to overdo it. Once your full, stop! A huge part to eating healthy is planning ahead, obviously you have to enjoy the treats on offers but not getting too carried away with the shiny sweet wrappers and calorie laden sides will make a difference to your waistline come January 1st.

3. If you have children, especially small ones, try and keep the same routine you normally have. Keep wake up and bed times as close as possible to the normal ones and getting out and about for some fresh air is always a good thing.

4. Expectations. Let’s be honest, there will be alot of family gathering around the one area at the one time, so don’t expect everything to run picture perfect.

5. Drink sensibly.