Cahernane Medical minor surgery

Minor Surgery

We hold a minor surgery clinic every Wednesday morning and can treat the following conditions under Local Anesthesia.

  • Skin tags/Skin Biopsy
  • Skin cyst, Abscess
  • Incision and Drainage of an Abscess
  • Cryotherapy, Warts (Verruca) destruction treatment
  • Biopsy of growths
  • In-growing toe nails
  • Laceration and Incision Repair of Skin & Soft Tissue
  • Joint injections
  • Foreign Body Removel from skin and soft tissue and many more conditions
While some of these procedures may be required on an urgent basis others will be planned, by appointment, if recommended following consultation with the doctor. Most of these procedures will be covered by individual’s private health provider, please check with administrative staff beforehand. All procedures will take part in one of our treatment rooms.

At Cahernane Medical Centre we also provide all patients that have had minor surgery with a follow up appointment so that one of the medical team can check in on the progress of any healing.